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Information to soul and playing blade: treasures and transmutation

You're able to raise your combat in blade and soul through the utilization of treasures and designing.


The garments of style performers tend not to have any benefits during battle. However, their firearms,(go to buy blade and soul gold) soul shield and extras definitely offer benefits to combat. It is to improve your electricity while playing with soul and blade. You are able to do this by upgrading your system, soul shield pieces and by finding new accessories.

Moreover, a player can obtain bonuses by using treasures. Weapons which can be made from high quality content usual have gem slots, should you place a gem of a given shade,state diamond, amethyst, pearl, ruby, peridot or emerald and raising the degrees of quality including hexagonal, pentagonal and rectangular, you will be able to modify the ability of one's combat.

If you utilize a gem in your system, you'll no further be capable of deal with the diamond. However, this does not affect treasures that are bound. You can still mail destined treasures between your personal heroes to the account.

If it is allowed by your system you may also add new diamond slots. You are able to do this using the Gem Sort. It is also feasible to eliminate the treasures for a small cost.

The gem's color also performs an important role within the sport. Because it reveals the sort of figures it could provide, this is. The gem's quality also reveals the amount of statistic. You can employ one diamond of each shade into each item. This makes sure that you have distinct degrees of improved figures.


Transmulation is not same from diamond in a great number of ways. It is another method that allows you to employ things which you have gotten by saving extras, high quality firearms, accessories strengthen or to generate goods. If you would like to sell a vendor your piece, just put on the market house. But Transmulation things can sometime become a quite difficult choice.

Use Transmulation to combine various kinds of materials to generate pouches which have arbitrary advantages and diamond fragments that will produce diamond boxes which have arbitrary treasures. A diamond that has multiple components can be used to generate high quality variation. Moreover, you'll find unique items which need to be assembled to generate function prizes.

Since you'll find dishes which have very high odds of declining, you need to be mindful and can perhaps ruin your elements.

The fusing and saving of the soul shield pieces is definitely an important method, even though it isn't directly related to Transmulation. You get the mix dust component,(click MMOROG INC.) when you're saving soul shield. You will even not be unable to combine soul pieces together in another soul shield UI.

When you're fusing one piece to a different it could simply be ruined plus one of its functions is likely to be used in the towards the new soul shield. You're able to modify your electricity by fusing the others together and by saving every one of the pieces which you don’t need. Lastly, you can purchase BNS gold if you would like to advance swiftly inside the sport.